Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The rise of populism - and what we can do

I know, my blog hasn’t been very active over the past years. As ist is typical for teenage life, my personality and opinions have changed a lot. Stress and work for school have also taken their toll. But now, I am back.

The truth is, and what I need to tell you, that I am pretty worried. The most dangerous thing about the latest developments concerning right wing populism, is, that one cannot pin down anything obviously wrong about it. Who could mistrust these political leaders and spokesmen, when they only bing to words what a majority of the people thinks. Stopping them would mean not acknowledging the opinion of a huge percentage of citizens, which is not very democratic. Then again, the rise of leaders with that political orientation has often enough had a negative outcome, which we happily ignore if it is ignorable. I wanted to get to the root of this political confusion and it all comes down to three main things: righteousness, long-term thinking and self-awareness.

First of all, to look behind the manipulative concept of populism we have to say goodbye to the popular interpretation of righteousness, truth and honest intention. While lies mostly lead to wrong conclusions, truth might cause a wrong response as well as a right one, and what’s wrong or right in that case depends on the consequences (Because the decision is made based on the change people want to see in society. Change is consequence.). Although right wing politicians are usually very careful to keep their intentions clear and innocent, the consequences of what they’re suggesting are often fatal.

Secondly, what they’re suggesting usually doesn’t bring long-term satisfaction to the problems people are complaining about. For example, it is understandable that there’s a lot of fear connected with illegal immigration of all sorts, yet we fail to make the connections and come up with long term solutions. We are facing a worldwide inequality of life standard that is entirely dependent on the place of birth. We can observe that the inequality of chance and population differences lead to a movement we like to call the “refugee crisis”. The motives for leaving the home country are often quite personal, but they all have one thing in common – they want to live the life of their dreams. The scenario also showcases the western egoism in the reaction of the people; they want equality of chances, but only for themselves. One possible solution is, to overcome the collective egoism of the western culture and let the world shift population until the life standard is equal everywhere. We complain, because we have managed to get our life standard up quite high by oppressing others. However, oppression is not a sustainable system which is visible in the fall of previous high cultures. In a world, where people have an understanding and desire of equality within humanity, they will always strive to be in power. And this leads to another possible solution, which is to actively work against the oppression we order by buying and consuming what we feel are symbols of our wealth. Let’s take a moment to remember how a factor that caused French revolution was the continuous provocation of the poor by the rich who showcased their wealth, because it was necessary in order to be accepted and feel good in their community and in front of the king. And let’s think about how we feel compelled to share and show off the good moments in our life for the approval of others. We know that this is not our life, but why be honest? We long to impress those who we think are in a better situation. We don’t think of those who are in a worse situation and feel quite disheartened by what other people can have and enjoy. We don’t waste a thought on those who were born in other countries with a mind that couldn’t be more western, with the western thoughts the western TV program planted, a striving for luck as it sits in every person and a social network account in front of them that tells wordless tales of a place where following your dreams is as easy as snapping your fingers, or at least so it seems.

This little example leads me to the third and last mistake we make in solving political issues: underestimating our own power. We manage to constantly contribute to problems we truly have the intention to solve, without acknowledging that we do. We also get surprised when we realize that the problems aren’t getting solved by themselves. Officials call for better education and bring more information bingeing and brainwashing, when what the younger generations actually need to learn is what officials do not want them to know. We are dancing and shouting on top of a grave. It’s about time that we become conscious of what we have ignored since the introduction of capitalistic principles. The fact that it is dug deep under centuries of cover-up, dishonesty and a lack of revolution further highlights the urgency of this issue.

There is a lot we can be proud of, but all our innovation, art and science is balancing on a fragile fundament. I think it is time to strengthen the roots of our high culture and confront our own problems so that we can look into a positive future for all of us.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Trip To England - in a nutshell (PHOTOS)

As some of you may know, I have been to England this year, so I figured I would share some experiences and photos with you on here. Note that the pictures in this post have been taken either by me or my roommate, so I'd fancy you to ask before you use them for anything. So yeah, I hope you enjoy this blog post :D

Here's some basic information on the journey:
I went to England for a week with two teachers and my classmates. We stayed in Brighton, but also had a 1-day-sightseeing tour in London.

The special thing about this trip was that it was my first time ever to go to England, even though I have always felt very comfortable with the english language. It has always been my dream to see England, but to be honest I was a bit disappointed at first sight. Everything seemed very exciting, but the first two days turned out to be very frustrating. Talking in english changed everything for me at home, I spoke english with most of my friends over the internet while finding words in german grew more and more difficult. I thought being in England would change just as much, which was a complete misapprehension. Being in England changed nothing about my social clumsiness and shyness.

Brighton Beach 2016

Having overcome this first shock, the trip really started for me. Brighton is a wonderful city, one I can only suggest you to visit once in your life. It is great for shopping unique items and the beach is lovely. My roommate and me spent almost all of our free time in the city, shockingly I spent 200 pounds there (and those were spent quickly).

I liked seeing London, but the place that impressed me the most was the area near the Seven Sisters, a group of cliffs on a beach to the east of Brighton. I have always been a fan of nature and the english landscape took my breath away. I can hardly describe it, but I felt like the smallest creature, walking over the seemingly endless grassland that offers enough canvas for the low clouds to draw their shadow on it. Everything seemed giant and endless, it was magic!

For me, the most interesting aspects of England were the different architecture and the completely different landscape. I would love to return someday and watch the sheep grase on the hills.

The last evening was probably the best, I spent time with my classmates and we didn't even fight or bitch around^^
We sat on the beach during the sunset hours talking about trivialities, which I usually mind but on this day I didn't care. I don't understand much of boys and parties, but apparently there isn't much to understand about it too. I would rate the trip an absolute success and I can recommend the area with clear conscience to anyone out there who is considering going to England for some time.

Considering Other's Views or The Curse Of Democracy

Free Speech is an important and omnipresent feature of our society, the internet and the political systems in typical first world countries. Media should be based on that principle and it prevents people from being harmed for their opinion. But nowadays, many people have been using "Free Speech" as an excuse for spreading hatred and fear on the internet, at least this is what they are accused of by critical users on social networking sites. Let's dive into this problem!

Spreading one's own opinion about various topics is not at all illegal. It fuels discussions and the development of a society. However, a hateful opinion doesn't equal a hateful opinion, there's a lot we can learn from people who have a different opinion than us, at least when they are based on logical arguments. One cannot simply dispatch a radical idea for being too far away from what the average person thinks (well, they can because the internet is as free as a fish in the sea :D), in fact those mostly include the most precious arguments, that we might not have thought of.

Despite all that simple hate without a reason doesn't make sense. Getting too excited about new arguments can confuse minds, too which is why I would suggest you to take a bit of time to reconsider points you've heard in an extreme one-sided video or blog post. Some thoughts might sound incredible and genious when they are preached about - in fact all do - but most of them will simply not live up to what you already have in your head, that's getting lost in the fog of excitement about a new movement you discovered. Basically these are my top keys to a great opinion: 1. A lot of input. 2. Letting it set.

Considering arguments of unpopular opinions can improve your opinion tremendously if you take it seriously. Disdained views like they are kept in right-wing or conservative movements are often underestimated. Keep in mind that a far left argument is not better, just because it is more popular. We need all opinions to form an acceptable middle way for all, this is what democracy and free speech stands for. Citizens all over the world need to pay attention to what the rest of their nation wants to figure out where they actually stand and where they are going.

I will write another article some day about why this is so important and how leftism ruins people's lives in economy. Thanks for reading!

Why I buy CD's

When I was a few years younger I used to wonder myself, why people even bought CD's anymore, when you could get songs for free off the internet, upload it to a device and carry all your favourite songs around with you. Now that I am a bit older, I understand there are some quite good reasons to choose the more expensive way.

The first thing I have learned starting to collect CD's and vinyls is the appreciation you develop for the music. Of course I appreciated music before, too - at least I thought so - but paying for the music and calling a material piece of it your own is a completely different experience. A virtual file can be thrown around, replayed a thousand times, thrown away, rediscovered, redownloaded, put here and there ad libitum, level of appreciation for the file: -1. Likewise, my admiration for the songs themselves has grown, having them only on a CD at home makes it impossible for me to listen a piece exessively to the point where I cannot even hear it anymore. Instead it leaves me longing for a tune that gets stuck in my head and makes it a real pleasure to come home and listen to it. And besides that, having less music on your phone saves you space as well.

A bunch of CD's - Free image from
Another aspect worth mentioning is the support for the artist. This might not be so important with big artists like Katy Perry or Eminem, but small artists might really depend on every single sell they achieve. Especially the indie and folk scene is filled with great artists who are only just at the start of their career and I think it's an exciting thought that you can be a part of their first successes.

Of course mp3 files come in much more handy than CD's and they are free as well, but I ended up prefering CD's and vinyls in the end and I think it's an option worth considering for all you music lovers out there!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Why I Have Friends On The Internet

During the three last years of being at school and really active online, people have been failing to understand, why I talk with people on the net. And to be fair, I haven't been very good at explaining it either, but that is mostly because these are quite personal reasons. I do admit I have a kind of addiction to my phone and like with every addiction, I got into it feeling bad and experiencing talking with someone who is not actually standing in front of you a very soothing habit.

I have been bullied for a long time, none of it was really harsh, but it was certainly isolation and avoidance I experienced. It is not easy to be without a single real friend during all of puberty and being pretty much done with it now at 17, I am questioning a lot of things. No matter what, the internet definitely made me the person I am today and I am happy with that. There was a time before internet for me and being straight, it was a hard time. I had no friends and music was the only thing I relied on. A lot of my time was spent and wasted in front of TV which went hand in hand with avoiding any kind of school work.

The good thing is, I am a clever girl. I could memorize enough during the lessons so I mostly passed without studying a single word. I always wished to have good marks and it seemed that I was tied to a life of average achievement. I felt low on energy as well, it all added up on me. Pressure at school, endless as well as pointless discussions at home that sucked the life out of me and the constant feeling that I mean nothing to anyone around me whatsoever. At some point I got very irritable. A simple remark could make me explode and I realized that I sometimes lost control over my body. When someone physically humiliated me, I would either ignore it and take it in or rage and push them back with as much force as needed to make them stop. The climax of all these developments in my psyche was a school trip in summer, the last one with some of my former classmates and at this point I was already so sick. I intentionally posed with a sad, cold face in every picture, because I swore to myself to show them what it really looked like inside of me, I was desperate to show them what they had done to me. But they never cared.

I had panic at night, up until this day I cannot sleep without the light on in my room, unless someone sleeps with me. I had mental breakdowns in the evening, unable to stop crying. I still do sometimes, because of things that others would probably not cry about, but at least I can name reasons now. Mostly it was just the whole situation that became too much for me. I tried to be cold, completely against my nature of empathy and love. It just got me more frustrated. And then I got onto the internet.

My parents had kept me away from its influence for a long time. In the beginning I was very confused, trusted the wrong people, because I was just so happy to even have someone to trust who won't disappoint me right away and at least they wouldn't leave me behind, they understood me. I felt not so alone anymore. I didn't feel like I was the reason for all bad anymore. Actually I started considering it's not my fault I am so hated, maybe it's just bad luck, or even destiny.

It took around two years until I had finally realized what the internet meant and what I actually wanted to be up there from me, by this time it was already to much to ever delete without a trace. Clearly this is a different topic.

So why do I talk to people on the internet and not with real ones?
To a certain grade it is experience. I mostly made bad experiences talking with people face to face, if I made friends they would soon find someone better and leave me behind before they every really knew me. And that leads me to my second point, on the internet my mind started to matter. I wasn't always appreciated for my views and opinions, but seeing people wonder about my thoughts made me feel important. There were a lot of things I would tell people on internet, but not in real life because they would have called me a drama queen and just made fun of me.

The friends I have on net have changed over time, but the time I spend chatting with them hasn't. Chatting is a fixed part of my life and I know it is an addiction, but I am unwilling to change it as long as I am still so miserable in real life. I have gotten a broader horizon, good things as well as bad things and I am convinced that the internet has all in all had a good influence on me. This always depends on what one regards as good.

It may seem strange to some, but now I cannot change what has happened in the past, I cannot change the way things went. After all it seems to me I almost broke under the social pressure of fitting in, but I stayed strong, even if it meant accepting tears, being called bad things and being insecure about everything I say. It's not easy to be a loner, when your heart is not made to live like that. It is hard to do your best, to do what you know you can when all the energy is flowing out of you and none is returning.

This is a very personal post after a long time but I needed to get this out.

The situation now has improved drastically. I feel accepted by most people in my class, attacks are rare. Mostly it's me saying something wrong when I don't even want to. Sometimes I am still suicidal, but the thoughts have developed far away from actually killing myself. Being alive is easier when you have someone who is willing to listen to your deepest misery and almost - insanity. Loneliness is poison.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Time is God

Time rules our lives.

Can You imagine spending even one day not knowing what time it is? I can easily spend a whole week not knowing what date or month it is - but everything in our lives is geared to the hours, the minutes.
We set our appointments according to time. Trains, busses, planes are leaving and arriving at a certain time we have to adjust our schedules to.
Time is the center of everything, opening time, closing time, school time, work time, free time.

And the time I am talking about is based on setting an end and a beginning to something, a maximum or minimum. To me time has always been connected with stress. Being either too soon or to early makes a big effect on a day. Everything is limited, and we are rather looking at the next upcoming deadline than using the time we have right now, which resolves in wasting a lot of time to a system that is actually supposed to help us manage our lives time efficiently. Getting more work done in less time and still feeling as rested as before is time efficience. More actions happening in a shorter period of time.

So while this image is predominant in society, in science time is regarded as the sheer actions and developments of existance itself. Without existance - no time. The simple movement of a man walking one step towards a woman is time. The whole life of this man and this woman, marriage, children, from their own childhood until their death is time.
Therefore time involves every past, present and future action in existance, one action originates from another action - you could literally make a long haul out of a simple action, for example:

Peter died, because he was old, because he grew old, because he didn't kill himself, because he had a wife, because he went to a supermarket where he met her, because he needed bananas, because his mom told him to buy some, because she was too weak to leave the house, because she was old, because she grew old, because she didn't... (The question why someone grew old - therefore why certain things did NOT happen - is always very difficult, because of the various possible futures that could have happened and especially for such a long time span, it's very hard even to say what happened, much less what didn't happen.

Concluding: time makes existance possible.
We don't know whether time effects something that doesn't exist, or if there is something existant that is not influenced by time or does not need time in fact. What we do know is that time describes all actions that (will) happen(ed), since there is a definition to it set by humans.
Coming to the topic I am speaking about in the headline - if God exists the way it is said in any religious
book then God is equal or subordinate to time, since God exists first of all and he is acting within this existance and not outside of it (f.e. God cannot make a stone that is too heavy for him to lift - because it doesn't exist).

The passing of actions over time and how one thing leads to another has been called upon many names; destiny (of how it all has a reason), accident (of how it is unpredictable), evolution (of how it just happens, but is a bit predictable and logic as well), god (of how it all has a reason they simply called god.

Fact is, actions ifluence other actions and things happen. No matter how much importance or reasoning we give to them, what will happen will happen. All we can do is add actions. We can't subtract actions unless we explore more in the field of time travelling. We can just work our own in the opposite direction.
And whatever happens, if hell or heaven, God, Jesus, Devil, Allah -> they are all limit to time, limit to existance because they exist themselves (if you choose to believe in them).

I  don't worship time, but I have big respect for it. Don't spend your time thinking on how many possible things could have happened a minute ago. Spend ur time appreciating whatever happens and observe what resolves.

Write a comment or drop a like if you want to hear about more topics like "possible futures" and theories about existance and time.

I hope you all have a nice informative evening!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Inspiring words about politics

A group is always as strong as the weakest part of it. Therefore, using others for your own benefit will after all have a bad impact on the whole earth! On earth we should all peacefully work together for the sake of all nations. Corruption and war is a big problem, and problems cannot be solved with further problems. What politics should focus on are solutions that bring very little new problems and are equally good for everyone involved. The strenghts of the western world are the seperation of religion and politics, the open media and the opportunities. There are still lot's of problems to work on, like equality between men and women etc, but we have to realize for a second that these problems aren't the biggest for the people in the whole world. Of course we can't just go to another country and tell them what to do, but in my opinion it is very important to involve every country into the world politics. Information has to reach all around the globe, it will make people more intelligent and less dependant on their government, which is the key - the government should be dependant on what the inhabitants want, and not the inhabitants on what the government wants. Not just exchange of informations is good, but also exchange of cultures and traditions. Poorer countries can get strong with immigrants who have different culture, they could show their ability of finding compromises, adapting positive things in their own culture, fighting racism etc. Once the western countries needed immigrants who will accept low wages, work hard and bring awesome delicious food, but now the countries these immigrants came from are on the rise and they need immigrants who will not accept low wages, who will work hard on improving the worker situation and bring a totally new sense of rationality and reason. Back then people were attracted by the USA as a living place because of the american dream, for India as an example the american dream isn't possible because of the cast system. No one comes to India as a poor person to become rich with a good idea. Although that would be a quite awesome thing to do haha. The cast system is loosing its grip in the cities, but it's far from religion decreasing to a personal thing because - and back to the previous topic - most of the indians are hindus, some buddhists and some muslims, but overall there are not many ethnic minorities this cast system would have to adjust to. When many people of various origins and religions live in a country the question is "So what religion is the government now as it's supposed to represent the whole country?". So politics and religion have to be seperated after all. It's the best kind of progress any country can do nowadays. And if we go back to the start; we all live on one planet and we have to share it. Extremists are convinced that they can solve the problem by making the whole world islamic and killing everyone who disagrees, but it will not work. It's just a senseless bloodshed. Most muslims know that and find it just as horrible as everybody else does - just saying for those judging kind of people out there! I am pro-democratic. The seperation of religion and politics, meaning equality and justice independant of religion is what we should work on in my opinion. What does everybody else think?

Friday, November 14, 2014

WOW!!!! Thanks :D and bit of more update stuff XD

OMG guys, we just hit the *drum roll* (omg omg omg) 3000 Views on my blog!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH it's really a mind-blowing experience, when I started off with 300 it was already amazing for me and I'm happy to reach soo many people all over the world!

Besides the big thank you I needed to give you for your support, the +1's, Like's and etc's I thought why not give a bit of an overview again, what is happening nowadays in my life and also give you another newcomer-blog tip.

I just recently started a new youtube channel, nobody in real life basically knows about it and you can watch me play as well so yeah, if you are interested check it out: *click*

I also started taking singing lessons this semester, my teacher arranged a performance of two songs for each of the other three girls and me as well, it's on sunday, but I'm fairly well prepared, very excited and also a bit nervous. I will upload a video of me performing the song "Beautiful" there on youtube probably and also a video where I'm doing a normal cover.

I opened a new facebook page too, and if you are interested in the stuff I do all day and the spontanous philisophic thoughts I sometimes get, just check out my other social networks:

Last but not least I wanted to mention this awesome new blog I discovered: Thoughts and Ideas and they are good, just check it out if you're interested in deep topics and discussions.

I hope you all have a nice evening, nice day, nice morning, good night :D
lg. Lilly;)

Does God exist?

picture from: all things are possible with god

Does any of the gods in the religions on earth exist?

First of all we all have to agree on one thing: We can neither physically prove god exists, nor can we prove that he does not. If four people are in the room you can see the people, touch the people, which gives you a proof of existance. You can't see or touch or detect god as particles in the air. Just the fact that these things aren't possible would prove god physically wrong, but we haven't searched all universe and there will always be somewhere we haven't searched. It's like Schröedingers cat. We can't see him here, but we haven't searched over there, so how could we know if he exists there or not? It's a topic to get stuck with in endless discussion, which I definitely want to avoid in this blog.

Existence has many definitions and the physical existence is probably the wrong thing to ask for in these circumstances. If you think about a horse, you have a picture in your mind. It might be something concluding out of your  memories etc. but in some way this horse suddenly exists, because you thought about it. You can't think about something that doesn't exist, then your thought wouldn't exist either. Crazy right? I will write about the paradox topic of existance too one day. One of the frightening thoughts in life is that we actually can't 100%ly prove the existence of anything. Almost anything. If we feel something it could be just in our head, if we see something it could be just a phantom of our head and the other people seeing it too could as well be just a phantom of our head. We can't prove ourselves that this life is actually real. We can prove that we think about these things. We can prove that all of this exists in our head. So the only thing we can really prove is our own thoughts existence. We can't even prove someone elses thoughts, because if we made up this world their thoughts would be our thoughts reflected in a person we imagine. Therefore: "Does god exist?" is a question only you yourself can answer for you. Do you believe in god? Then he exists. Do you not believe in god? Then he extists in your mind as something non-existent in life.

The actual question is: Does it matter for us on earth for this life whether god exists or not? We are asking so many questions about what was before birth? What comes after death? Does god exist? Is there a paradise? We actually forget to focus on life. Life is the only thing we have in our hands in this moment. This moment is the only sure thing in our lives. This life is the only sure thing, we don't know what happened before, we don't know what will happen after life, we should seize the life rather than fear death and question whatever there was before. At least in my opinion.

Aren't most of the religions like that: do good --> get good, do bad --> get bad. Specifically to a good place or a bad place, heaven or hell. I do believe that, but my interpretation is a bit different: If we all did good on earth maybe it would become this place we desire to go after death. Maybe we can achieve this paradise in life, the paradise Adam and Eve got kicked out of. Life can't just be the long unnecessary wait for death can it? In its complection and uniqueness? We don't live to die. We dont live to be rotten and forgotten. We live to live, to influence, move on, gain knowledge and pass it on. The world can be a place where we all can live in peace with nature, animals and humans of all kinds. I believe that this is possible, surely not fast, maybe it will never even happen, but the potential is there - in earth and in humanity! If we can land our machines on mars and even an american dude on the moon then we can also bring peace to this earth, there just have to be the right specialists for it. And it can be anyone, who just has the right sense and passion for it.

So after all, it doesn't matter for now, if god exists or not exists. The discussion will be never-ending and influenced by religions etc. To clear it out - with god I mean any god of any religion maybe godess, gods whatever! Even if there is no god. It doesn't matter, because we decide what we do and what we not and some day we have to think about it and overcome our fear of death and the allmighty unknown, because it is indeed unknown. Our world is known. Focus on life. Not on death. Focus on your religion. Not the religion of others. Focus on your god, whatever it may be. Don't search a proof of existence for Atheists. Don't try to take away the beauty and safety of religion from religious people. It's a waste of time. Focus on yourself.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"Misplaced", or: "The Reason, why girls never go to lady's room alone."

Overweight is to be imagined as a physical and psychical weight on the shoulders of a teen in todays generations mentality of desiring the perfect body. Just like poverty is in todays consumer society. And silence in such a world of business and volume. Misplaced.

To start with: feeling misplaced in this blog entry basically means being one person amongst hundreds, behaving or looking different from them.

The feeling of being misplaced in a situation, doesn't just solute out of appearance or physical features, in fact girls are so afraid of being misplaced in some kind, they go to toilet in groups! Yes, boys - reveiled the holy secret of girls everlasting herd instinct! It starts in school when you have this moment of "Uh... I neeed to go to toilet... Like.... Urgently... But what if the teacher is there already? It's gonna be so emberassing..." It gives you safety to have someone else who needs to go to toilet as well, because obviously in case the teacher comes or anything else happens. Growing up in a media generation, I know how annoying the feeling is, not to be up-to-date or not knowing what is happening or where to go, when you know you're supposed to go somewhere^^. That's why old women don't go to toilet in threes or fours - they don't worry about missing something. Or they might wear diapers. Or they may just be very fit and modern old ladies what do I know?

Anyway, friends used to be a center of information and company, people you just had fun with or serious talks too. Nowadays, there's another feature added in this list. Friends give you social safety. Their support and relaxation lets you forget how the things you say sound to others and bans the worries about how you look in every minute, every second. Fact is, most of us will spend around 70% of our time in public places with trying not to put attention on ourselves or getting into some emberrassing situation. Although, if we are with friends it might shrink to 40% or lower. Having a good friend used to be a psychical luxury, but in fact friends fulfill a certain kind of material purpose as well, they like your facebook pictures, they follow you on instagram and make you look good in any public situation. Fun fact: Phones do that to. I mean - of course phones don't like your facebook pictures or follow you anywhere, but phones make you look good in public situations. Maybe "look good" is the wrong term here, they will give you a purpose and a busy look. Phones, and friends.

Maybe the purpose and business is the critical point here. Well, the purpose of a toilet is obvious and you are definitely not misplaced if you go there because you need to, but girls usually stay in groups as well, for example in a party. It's uncomfortable to leave the group, since things could be missed while on toilet etc. In the moment of this annoying feeling in your bladder and you know, you are going to be seperated from the rest of the group for some time, you get the craziest ideas of them leaving for some reason or all kinds of things that could have happened and missed by you as soon as you came back. So you obviously want some of them to join along, because if more than just one person is missing, you can also rely more on the others not to leave.

Maybe this thinking originates from a decreasing self esteem beneath most of the people in the latest generations. According to my opinion there are few people with a very high self esteem, some who at least pretend to have a high self esteem and some who don't pretend, but still seem like high self esteem people because they walk in groups in which they don't have to worry about looking misplaced. The HSEP (high self esteem people) are those who in their deepest inner self aren't ashamed of behaving however they will behave. I also do think you can have too much self esteem just like you can have too little. Same with self confidence.

So apparently, overweight, poverty, disability etc. isn't to be defined as feeling misplaced all the time. It's really all about the self confidence. Be confident, they say. It's not easy though. It takes a lot of hard work to build up self confidence especially if you don't feel misplaced because of what you do, but because of the way you look, material and physical issues. Anyway, I will talk about that in another blog entry.

I hope you all have a nice day!
lg. Lilly;)

picture from here #stopbullying