Thursday, May 26, 2016

Why I buy CD's

When I was a few years younger I used to wonder myself, why people even bought CD's anymore, when you could get songs for free off the internet, upload it to a device and carry all your favourite songs around with you. Now that I am a bit older, I understand there are some quite good reasons to choose the more expensive way.

The first thing I have learned starting to collect CD's and vinyls is the appreciation you develop for the music. Of course I appreciated music before, too - at least I thought so - but paying for the music and calling a material piece of it your own is a completely different experience. A virtual file can be thrown around, replayed a thousand times, thrown away, rediscovered, redownloaded, put here and there ad libitum, level of appreciation for the file: -1. Likewise, my admiration for the songs themselves has grown, having them only on a CD at home makes it impossible for me to listen a piece exessively to the point where I cannot even hear it anymore. Instead it leaves me longing for a tune that gets stuck in my head and makes it a real pleasure to come home and listen to it. And besides that, having less music on your phone saves you space as well.

A bunch of CD's - Free image from
Another aspect worth mentioning is the support for the artist. This might not be so important with big artists like Katy Perry or Eminem, but small artists might really depend on every single sell they achieve. Especially the indie and folk scene is filled with great artists who are only just at the start of their career and I think it's an exciting thought that you can be a part of their first successes.

Of course mp3 files come in much more handy than CD's and they are free as well, but I ended up prefering CD's and vinyls in the end and I think it's an option worth considering for all you music lovers out there!