Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Trip To England - in a nutshell (PHOTOS)

As some of you may know, I have been to England this year, so I figured I would share some experiences and photos with you on here. Note that the pictures in this post have been taken either by me or my roommate, so I'd fancy you to ask before you use them for anything. So yeah, I hope you enjoy this blog post :D

Here's some basic information on the journey:
I went to England for a week with two teachers and my classmates. We stayed in Brighton, but also had a 1-day-sightseeing tour in London.

The special thing about this trip was that it was my first time ever to go to England, even though I have always felt very comfortable with the english language. It has always been my dream to see England, but to be honest I was a bit disappointed at first sight. Everything seemed very exciting, but the first two days turned out to be very frustrating. Talking in english changed everything for me at home, I spoke english with most of my friends over the internet while finding words in german grew more and more difficult. I thought being in England would change just as much, which was a complete misapprehension. Being in England changed nothing about my social clumsiness and shyness.

Brighton Beach 2016

Having overcome this first shock, the trip really started for me. Brighton is a wonderful city, one I can only suggest you to visit once in your life. It is great for shopping unique items and the beach is lovely. My roommate and me spent almost all of our free time in the city, shockingly I spent 200 pounds there (and those were spent quickly).

I liked seeing London, but the place that impressed me the most was the area near the Seven Sisters, a group of cliffs on a beach to the east of Brighton. I have always been a fan of nature and the english landscape took my breath away. I can hardly describe it, but I felt like the smallest creature, walking over the seemingly endless grassland that offers enough canvas for the low clouds to draw their shadow on it. Everything seemed giant and endless, it was magic!

For me, the most interesting aspects of England were the different architecture and the completely different landscape. I would love to return someday and watch the sheep grase on the hills.

The last evening was probably the best, I spent time with my classmates and we didn't even fight or bitch around^^
We sat on the beach during the sunset hours talking about trivialities, which I usually mind but on this day I didn't care. I don't understand much of boys and parties, but apparently there isn't much to understand about it too. I would rate the trip an absolute success and I can recommend the area with clear conscience to anyone out there who is considering going to England for some time.