Thursday, May 26, 2016

Considering Other's Views or The Curse Of Democracy

Free Speech is an important and omnipresent feature of our society, the internet and the political systems in typical first world countries. Media should be based on that principle and it prevents people from being harmed for their opinion. But nowadays, many people have been using "Free Speech" as an excuse for spreading hatred and fear on the internet, at least this is what they are accused of by critical users on social networking sites. Let's dive into this problem!

Spreading one's own opinion about various topics is not at all illegal. It fuels discussions and the development of a society. However, a hateful opinion doesn't equal a hateful opinion, there's a lot we can learn from people who have a different opinion than us, at least when they are based on logical arguments. One cannot simply dispatch a radical idea for being too far away from what the average person thinks (well, they can because the internet is as free as a fish in the sea :D), in fact those mostly include the most precious arguments, that we might not have thought of.

Despite all that simple hate without a reason doesn't make sense. Getting too excited about new arguments can confuse minds, too which is why I would suggest you to take a bit of time to reconsider points you've heard in an extreme one-sided video or blog post. Some thoughts might sound incredible and genious when they are preached about - in fact all do - but most of them will simply not live up to what you already have in your head, that's getting lost in the fog of excitement about a new movement you discovered. Basically these are my top keys to a great opinion: 1. A lot of input. 2. Letting it set.

Considering arguments of unpopular opinions can improve your opinion tremendously if you take it seriously. Disdained views like they are kept in right-wing or conservative movements are often underestimated. Keep in mind that a far left argument is not better, just because it is more popular. We need all opinions to form an acceptable middle way for all, this is what democracy and free speech stands for. Citizens all over the world need to pay attention to what the rest of their nation wants to figure out where they actually stand and where they are going.

I will write another article some day about why this is so important and how leftism ruins people's lives in economy. Thanks for reading!