Monday, April 27, 2015

Time is God

Time rules our lives.

Can You imagine spending even one day not knowing what time it is? I can easily spend a whole week not knowing what date or month it is - but everything in our lives is geared to the hours, the minutes.
We set our appointments according to time. Trains, busses, planes are leaving and arriving at a certain time we have to adjust our schedules to.
Time is the center of everything, opening time, closing time, school time, work time, free time.

And the time I am talking about is based on setting an end and a beginning to something, a maximum or minimum. To me time has always been connected with stress. Being either too soon or to early makes a big effect on a day. Everything is limited, and we are rather looking at the next upcoming deadline than using the time we have right now, which resolves in wasting a lot of time to a system that is actually supposed to help us manage our lives time efficiently. Getting more work done in less time and still feeling as rested as before is time efficience. More actions happening in a shorter period of time.

So while this image is predominant in society, in science time is regarded as the sheer actions and developments of existance itself. Without existance - no time. The simple movement of a man walking one step towards a woman is time. The whole life of this man and this woman, marriage, children, from their own childhood until their death is time.
Therefore time involves every past, present and future action in existance, one action originates from another action - you could literally make a long haul out of a simple action, for example:

Peter died, because he was old, because he grew old, because he didn't kill himself, because he had a wife, because he went to a supermarket where he met her, because he needed bananas, because his mom told him to buy some, because she was too weak to leave the house, because she was old, because she grew old, because she didn't... (The question why someone grew old - therefore why certain things did NOT happen - is always very difficult, because of the various possible futures that could have happened and especially for such a long time span, it's very hard even to say what happened, much less what didn't happen.

Concluding: time makes existance possible.
We don't know whether time effects something that doesn't exist, or if there is something existant that is not influenced by time or does not need time in fact. What we do know is that time describes all actions that (will) happen(ed), since there is a definition to it set by humans.
Coming to the topic I am speaking about in the headline - if God exists the way it is said in any religious
book then God is equal or subordinate to time, since God exists first of all and he is acting within this existance and not outside of it (f.e. God cannot make a stone that is too heavy for him to lift - because it doesn't exist).

The passing of actions over time and how one thing leads to another has been called upon many names; destiny (of how it all has a reason), accident (of how it is unpredictable), evolution (of how it just happens, but is a bit predictable and logic as well), god (of how it all has a reason they simply called god.

Fact is, actions ifluence other actions and things happen. No matter how much importance or reasoning we give to them, what will happen will happen. All we can do is add actions. We can't subtract actions unless we explore more in the field of time travelling. We can just work our own in the opposite direction.
And whatever happens, if hell or heaven, God, Jesus, Devil, Allah -> they are all limit to time, limit to existance because they exist themselves (if you choose to believe in them).

I  don't worship time, but I have big respect for it. Don't spend your time thinking on how many possible things could have happened a minute ago. Spend ur time appreciating whatever happens and observe what resolves.

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I hope you all have a nice informative evening!