Monday, January 12, 2015

Inspiring words about politics

A group is always as strong as the weakest part of it. Therefore, using others for your own benefit will after all have a bad impact on the whole earth! On earth we should all peacefully work together for the sake of all nations. Corruption and war is a big problem, and problems cannot be solved with further problems. What politics should focus on are solutions that bring very little new problems and are equally good for everyone involved. The strenghts of the western world are the seperation of religion and politics, the open media and the opportunities. There are still lot's of problems to work on, like equality between men and women etc, but we have to realize for a second that these problems aren't the biggest for the people in the whole world. Of course we can't just go to another country and tell them what to do, but in my opinion it is very important to involve every country into the world politics. Information has to reach all around the globe, it will make people more intelligent and less dependant on their government, which is the key - the government should be dependant on what the inhabitants want, and not the inhabitants on what the government wants. Not just exchange of informations is good, but also exchange of cultures and traditions. Poorer countries can get strong with immigrants who have different culture, they could show their ability of finding compromises, adapting positive things in their own culture, fighting racism etc. Once the western countries needed immigrants who will accept low wages, work hard and bring awesome delicious food, but now the countries these immigrants came from are on the rise and they need immigrants who will not accept low wages, who will work hard on improving the worker situation and bring a totally new sense of rationality and reason. Back then people were attracted by the USA as a living place because of the american dream, for India as an example the american dream isn't possible because of the cast system. No one comes to India as a poor person to become rich with a good idea. Although that would be a quite awesome thing to do haha. The cast system is loosing its grip in the cities, but it's far from religion decreasing to a personal thing because - and back to the previous topic - most of the indians are hindus, some buddhists and some muslims, but overall there are not many ethnic minorities this cast system would have to adjust to. When many people of various origins and religions live in a country the question is "So what religion is the government now as it's supposed to represent the whole country?". So politics and religion have to be seperated after all. It's the best kind of progress any country can do nowadays. And if we go back to the start; we all live on one planet and we have to share it. Extremists are convinced that they can solve the problem by making the whole world islamic and killing everyone who disagrees, but it will not work. It's just a senseless bloodshed. Most muslims know that and find it just as horrible as everybody else does - just saying for those judging kind of people out there! I am pro-democratic. The seperation of religion and politics, meaning equality and justice independant of religion is what we should work on in my opinion. What does everybody else think?