Friday, November 14, 2014

WOW!!!! Thanks :D and bit of more update stuff XD

OMG guys, we just hit the *drum roll* (omg omg omg) 3000 Views on my blog!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH it's really a mind-blowing experience, when I started off with 300 it was already amazing for me and I'm happy to reach soo many people all over the world!

Besides the big thank you I needed to give you for your support, the +1's, Like's and etc's I thought why not give a bit of an overview again, what is happening nowadays in my life and also give you another newcomer-blog tip.

I just recently started a new youtube channel, nobody in real life basically knows about it and you can watch me play as well so yeah, if you are interested check it out: *click*

I also started taking singing lessons this semester, my teacher arranged a performance of two songs for each of the other three girls and me as well, it's on sunday, but I'm fairly well prepared, very excited and also a bit nervous. I will upload a video of me performing the song "Beautiful" there on youtube probably and also a video where I'm doing a normal cover.

I opened a new facebook page too, and if you are interested in the stuff I do all day and the spontanous philisophic thoughts I sometimes get, just check out my other social networks:

Last but not least I wanted to mention this awesome new blog I discovered: Thoughts and Ideas and they are good, just check it out if you're interested in deep topics and discussions.

I hope you all have a nice evening, nice day, nice morning, good night :D
lg. Lilly;)