Friday, November 14, 2014

Does God exist?

picture from: all things are possible with god

Does any of the gods in the religions on earth exist?

First of all we all have to agree on one thing: We can neither physically prove god exists, nor can we prove that he does not. If four people are in the room you can see the people, touch the people, which gives you a proof of existance. You can't see or touch or detect god as particles in the air. Just the fact that these things aren't possible would prove god physically wrong, but we haven't searched all universe and there will always be somewhere we haven't searched. It's like Schröedingers cat. We can't see him here, but we haven't searched over there, so how could we know if he exists there or not? It's a topic to get stuck with in endless discussion, which I definitely want to avoid in this blog.

Existence has many definitions and the physical existence is probably the wrong thing to ask for in these circumstances. If you think about a horse, you have a picture in your mind. It might be something concluding out of your  memories etc. but in some way this horse suddenly exists, because you thought about it. You can't think about something that doesn't exist, then your thought wouldn't exist either. Crazy right? I will write about the paradox topic of existance too one day. One of the frightening thoughts in life is that we actually can't 100%ly prove the existence of anything. Almost anything. If we feel something it could be just in our head, if we see something it could be just a phantom of our head and the other people seeing it too could as well be just a phantom of our head. We can't prove ourselves that this life is actually real. We can prove that we think about these things. We can prove that all of this exists in our head. So the only thing we can really prove is our own thoughts existence. We can't even prove someone elses thoughts, because if we made up this world their thoughts would be our thoughts reflected in a person we imagine. Therefore: "Does god exist?" is a question only you yourself can answer for you. Do you believe in god? Then he exists. Do you not believe in god? Then he extists in your mind as something non-existent in life.

The actual question is: Does it matter for us on earth for this life whether god exists or not? We are asking so many questions about what was before birth? What comes after death? Does god exist? Is there a paradise? We actually forget to focus on life. Life is the only thing we have in our hands in this moment. This moment is the only sure thing in our lives. This life is the only sure thing, we don't know what happened before, we don't know what will happen after life, we should seize the life rather than fear death and question whatever there was before. At least in my opinion.

Aren't most of the religions like that: do good --> get good, do bad --> get bad. Specifically to a good place or a bad place, heaven or hell. I do believe that, but my interpretation is a bit different: If we all did good on earth maybe it would become this place we desire to go after death. Maybe we can achieve this paradise in life, the paradise Adam and Eve got kicked out of. Life can't just be the long unnecessary wait for death can it? In its complection and uniqueness? We don't live to die. We dont live to be rotten and forgotten. We live to live, to influence, move on, gain knowledge and pass it on. The world can be a place where we all can live in peace with nature, animals and humans of all kinds. I believe that this is possible, surely not fast, maybe it will never even happen, but the potential is there - in earth and in humanity! If we can land our machines on mars and even an american dude on the moon then we can also bring peace to this earth, there just have to be the right specialists for it. And it can be anyone, who just has the right sense and passion for it.

So after all, it doesn't matter for now, if god exists or not exists. The discussion will be never-ending and influenced by religions etc. To clear it out - with god I mean any god of any religion maybe godess, gods whatever! Even if there is no god. It doesn't matter, because we decide what we do and what we not and some day we have to think about it and overcome our fear of death and the allmighty unknown, because it is indeed unknown. Our world is known. Focus on life. Not on death. Focus on your religion. Not the religion of others. Focus on your god, whatever it may be. Don't search a proof of existence for Atheists. Don't try to take away the beauty and safety of religion from religious people. It's a waste of time. Focus on yourself.