Thursday, October 2, 2014

Age and Maturity

As a 15 year-old, you do have lot's of problems with being taken seriously. The hardest time until the adolescence is definitely adolescence itself. Most of you probably know how it feels, it's kind of like being an adult trapped in the opportunities of a child. So many dreams and plans in your mind and so many hormones in your body :D Open-minded and fresh you want to check out the world, you want change and fun.

Not every teenager is like that, of course, but I assume most are.

Now of course there's a question popping up in your mind, what does age have to do with maturity? First of all, maturity is, according to my opinion a matter of common sense, a certain amount of intelligence, regarding wisdom rather than knowledge. Beyond the mind, maturity is also about a certain grade of experience a person gained, but experience can mean anything. Experience gained for some people in minutes can take years to be gained by others. I don't think age is much of a matter talking about maturity. In fact, it's hard to behave mature with the hormons going wild and the dreams and plans impatiently waiting to become reality. So you could say teenagers who still behave fairly mature in that state might be even more mature than many adults.

Since common sense and intelligence variate from person to person, it's hard to say what kind of behaviour can actually be labeled as mature. A teenie can cry over the same topic just as an old woman can. It definitely depends a lot on the personality, how you react to certain things. I think personality has nothing to do with maturity, but intelligence, which already plays a big part in maturity, does definitely have a big impact on the personality and vice versa.

Person A can have a partying personality, go out and drink a lot until she's 20. Now she studies and becomes more intelligent and aware of the dangers she puts herself in through the excessive drinking, so she decides to get a healthier lifestyle, gets in control of her drinking and maybe starts something else, like sports or something like that. A was 20 until she increased her knowledge and common sense about her alcohol consumption, which had again an influence on her lifestyle and personality.

Person B, a guy this time, reads a lot from an early age and knows about the drinking issues and dangers, so he never starts to drink. So talking about alcoholism, he is, at the age of 14, 15, 16 - however old you want him to be, as mature as the woman at the age of 20.

Maturity can also be about basing the things we say on facts rather than things we've heard or lies, maybe both. Someone who is open to trying new things (unless there's a valid reason not to try them like drugs), meet new people regardless of their origin or age does give them a mature charisma.

No clues that all these things have to do something with age yet. Actually, this proves more and more that maturity is indeed a matter of how your life goes and definitely personality as well.

Like I always say, one has to get to know a person to actually be able to judge, how mature they are, what they think about certain topics etc... You can't assume a young person is immature, just as you can't assume an older person is mature.

Young people - stick to your thoughts and dreams, plan a lot and stay flexible. Don't let anyone take your motivation and always be confident about yourself, 'caz ya're dayum awsum ;)
And "grown-ups" - don't talk to youngsters like little kids especially age 12 and up, it's just bad. We will not talk to you like to a nasty know-it-all either, as long as you don't behave like one haha :D

Hope y'all had some inspiration today ;)