Saturday, August 3, 2013

True Love and Sex

I just had a small discussion with a friend about true love and sex. I think that true love doesn't include sex and what you feel for good caring parents is true love.

In my opinion, true love and sex are two completely different things. Like science and religion. I believe in science, I am very interested in it, but I also believe in something higher and, in a soul. Where all the feelings come from, where true love comes from. I don't believe in sex as a necessarity in the higher thinking. It is 100% a necessarity in the science thinking. It is human to desire sex, it is human to want kids at a special age. For some this comes sooner, for some it comes later. The main thing is, in my mind, sex and true love are clearly clearly seperated. True love means for me, caring for someone in a psychic way, as well as in a physical way, not physical satisfaction through sex, but such as if their back hurts, you give them a massage, or if they are hungry you cook for them. Also true love is unconditional. I think you can even feel true love for your friends, although this rarely happens. True love is between a mother and a child, true love is between a guy and a girl, who match together perfectly, who just lol truly love each other. And sex is the urge to get kids and support the world population (as if it would need that support xD). Of course there is more in sex than just that. Like gay people also have sex, although this cannot have any result. There is also closure to the person you truly love, the feeling of someone who is with you, the feeling you are not alone and you enjoy each other, feel good... Thats the meaning of sex in combination with true love, but still I will always seperate these things in my mind.

Anyway, I'd like to hear your opinion about true love and sex. Is sex an aspect of true love?

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